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Custom Landing Page Design


Custom Landing Page Design

In contrast to a homepage, landing pages focus specifically on capturing leads to sell your product or service. Often, the menu and external links are removed so visitors have no other option than to sign up or leave. All successful marketers use landing pages and if you plan to sell a product or service and generate a list of qualified leads online, you’ll want one too.


There are two key elements to a successful landing page.

One is an offer. The other is an opt in (email capture).

To have an opt-in, you’ll want something called an autoresponder. You may have heard of it. Many marketers believe your webpage is literally worthless without one. Rather than allowing your visitors to leave and forget – those with interest provide you with a point of contact. An email address. With a carefully written series of messages that are dripped out over time, you'll actually be able to build up a relationship, and turn prospects into buyers. Sounds great, right? You can get an autoresponder for free at The free limit is 500 subscribers and they only require you have a discreet little logo at the bottom of each autoresponse.

Second to the autoresponder, you’ll need a good offer. But what makes an offer good? Here’s the 1,000 pound gorrillas. The tried and true.




Include social proof like written testimonials, video testimonials, facebook “likes”, or celebrity endorsements. Personal proof from your own results. Facts. Statistics. Demonstrations to validate your claims. Useful information right on the sales page. Trust marks (logos) of well-known associated brands. And the list goes on…



Scarcity is a limiting factor. Could be the quantity of product you have left or the time you have to buy it. A great example of this is using a countdown timer that expires after 20 minutes. Once the countdown expires, the price of the product increases by X amount. Even if somebody thinks they're being clever and clears their internet cache, they won't be able to reset it because it's IP based, not cookie based. This is why nerds make great landing page designers.



People like to make relative comparisons. Examine your competition side by side with yours and make is obvious that your product is superior. Do the research FOR your visitors, so they won’t have to. You can even position one offer against another so one is the obvious choice. Basic vs. Premium. Premium comes loaded with some great bonuses that are worth more than double the difference. Toss in free support and a money back guarantee and it’s a no brainer.



Explain how to get your customers the result they want in a short amount of time. Sometimes the best way to get the point across is in a video demonstration. If you're selling software, easy. If your product requires time to take effect, you can also use quick shipping as a pull factor. "Get XY widget delivered to your doorstep by Friday if you order right now."


We don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Remember you’re not the first person on the planet trying to sell something online. There are endless trials, studies, and data published about what works and what doesn’t. And you would be surprised at how the littlest damn things can end up making the BIGGEST difference.

Take the Belcher button. It’s Perry Belcher’s little baby. This is what happens when a millionaire marketer tests and retests just one thing over and over again until he found something that works best. It's probably the highest converting Buy button on the planet. Why? Perry explains in this video: