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Rockstar websites are built to attract the attention you deserve. With branding this cool, you'll create raving fans who promote your message for you.

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Stand out and inspire your market with impact graphics. With a strong background in sales psychology, your final design will radiate with both beauty and functionality.

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We offer done-for-you branding solutions for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Arc Products has designed and manufactured automated welding equipment focused on fixed automation and orbital TIG, since 1980. The Web Rockstar & Associates has been contracted to assist Arc Products with their online marketing efforts. I’ll be looking forward to publishing parts of this project as a case study on the costly dangers associated with PPC and the large advantages in focusing the same or similar budget on much more sustainable, and far more profitable SEO efforts.
ROCK·STAR -noun: The quality of being impressively fashionable or attractive.
Jay Rockins

Before showering you with a plethora of possibilities, let me just step back a moment and introduce myself. My name's Josh Adams and I've been a web & graphic designer for 6 years now. I've always been intrigued by brands with a distinct edge for personality. There's something that draws us as people to the tastefully unique. Like a magnetic attraction, we tend to follow those who dare to stand out. It's my mission to help you find the graphic identity you need to engage customers and communicate your brand with extreme impact.